Wamoeba Ambassador

Trying to work in the official events and the city in marketing as wamoeba Ambassador.

Wearing cool and stylish uniform, If you become ambassador,
and you can work in the free time as wamoeba Ambassador.

Be an Wamoeba Ambassador

* Ambassador is individual only. It is not possible to join as a legal entity or group.
* Join a seminar of wamoeba or attend an interview. It is required.
* The join together with friends and acquaintances, It is possible to become ambassador in more than one person.

Distribute Official Flyers
and Official Wamoeba Card
in the city.
Wearing the uniform of wamoeba in the free time, you can distribute the flyers and service card that is included the your's Ambassador code at the city. Leading to your income when the user start the work (wifi share in tethering) at wamoeba.
Hold Official Event
and Official Seminar
You can hold official events and official seminars of wamoeba. And, It is also available join as wamoeba exhibitors in the event in the city. Leading to your income when the people who have participated in the wamoeba event starts work (wifi share in tethering) at wamoeba.
Proposal for Growing
You can propose ideas and marketing using the wamoeba as the official ambassador of wamoeba at the meeting. Wamoeba accepts your creative ability. If the proposal was adopted It will be able to work as a project leader of wamoeba Ambassador. To grow wamoeba, expanding the work. It is up to you. Wamoeba respects the Ambassador's ability.

Advantages of Wamoeba Ambassador

Credibility as
Official Ambassador
You can wear the official uniform that is given the authority of activity as the official ambassador of wamoeba. And, you can be working as an official ambassador of wamoeba. Users other than the Ambassador of wamoeba can use the program to introduce friend on web page, but can not introduce a way other than it. Wamoeba official Ambassador will be given privilege to hold event (introduce friend).
Leveraging of
Ambassador Community
We will prepare the community that can socialize. (ambassador session) Let's make partner and friends. The partner to carry out events and seminars, work in the city with you. You make friends and will hold amazing event with a lot of friends. Absolutely, It's good to work alone, too. How to use Ambassador community, Up to you!
Update to Official Site
of Ambassador
Activities of wamoeba official ambassador, everything will be updated to Ambassador official site. Activities in town, events, seminars, everything are updated as the official activities, It will lead to attracting customers. Wamoeba can't do the event of non-official because It is a registered trademark. Wamoeba official activities will be a thing of the all wamoeba official ambassador.

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