Partnership of Wamoeba

Business and events and private will be wonderful.

The corporation and personal can become the partner.
To convenient the world. And More close environment will enrichment.

Let's join such efforts ?

Let's start partnership of wamoeba

Business Partner

Let notice the wamoeba in your store or site.
Let grow the community of wamoeba you given the code to the user.

You can get the income when user joined wamoeba.
Perimeter of your store or site users also will filled with wifi.

Nonprofit Partner

Improve the Internet environment through wamoeba in your community.
Wamoeba will also support when widely known wamoeba and Lead to funding.
We want to join the your activities!

Student Group Partners

Join in the student group, let spread the Internet environment (wifi)
in the school newspaper and the community.
It will lead also to activity funds at the group.
You try to create the world with a lot of work through wamoeba.

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