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2020.04.07Press Release
Notice Regarding Release of SAVE COVID-19 Service Site.
2020.03.27Press Release
Free provision of management tools that enable smooth production work even in telework.
2019.05.06Press Release
We have set up a Mongolia branch to enhance offshore development.
2019.02.25Press Release
We have partnered with BUREN HURD HUCH LLC to conduct an offshore business (in Mongolia).
2018.11.21Press Release
We have been certified as "PAY.JP Partner" of PAY Co., Ltd. which is a settlement company.
2018.11.01Press Release
We opened a first laboratory specializing in the development of new services in Shibuya-ku.
2018.06.26Press Release
We moved the Japanese branch office to Shinjuku-Sumitomo Building26F.
2017.12.20Press Release
We began supporting Public works&Construction industry Company(Shimada construction,Inc.).
2017.10.11Press Release
We began supporting Kenbicho Academy association.
2017.03.21Press Release
We sold the service (Bank of Ticket).
2017.02.09Press Release
We began supporting Advance Medical Sports Academy association.
2016.11.14Press Release
We established the Japanese branch office.

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