About Terms of Use

About Terms of Use

(Hereinafter referred to as the "Terms".) Terms and Conditions, the (hereinafter referred to as "Company".) Wamoeba Upon your use of the services provided by, we will use the Service in accordance with everybody of registered users. If you wish to use the service as a user, before you agree to the Terms, we ask that you please read carefully the full text. Within this service, in the "how to use" and various guidelines in addition to this agreement, we use methods and notes of this service are presented. It substantially constitute a part of this Agreement. Please read together.

User-defined and registration

  1. The user of this service, those who borrow the tethering in the user's generic name to use this service, will also be included in any person of lend. Says that of all users who have registered in the application download and site.
  2. The user sends and inputs the contents required format for the service a person and corporation by the Company was approved.
  3. We can if any of the following contents, without approval of the registration for the person who intends to become a user by our judgment, for users who have registered is complete, do the cancellation of registration. And any future service we may refuse the use. Also, thereby liable for damages suffered by the user or a third party, the Company assumes no responsibility.
    1. If there is a falsehood to the user registration contents
    2. If there are per all or part of the registration information that has been provided to us if there was a clerical error or omissions
    3. If the contents changed after user registration occurs. If it was not carried out a user registration change at that time
    4. If the user is in breach of this agreement
    5. If a person who has been revoked of registration at the past at the present service.
    6. Minors, Adult ward, Warrantee, The person under assistance. If you be a that. Legal representative, Conservator, Curator, The assistant
    7. If the user corresponds to the anti-social forces, etc., or cooperation in anti-social forces funded by other methods, or are involved by the Company to determine. If you did not get these consent, or the like.
    8. Other, if the Company determines that it is inappropriate
  4. We are, if any of the following contents, or to restrict the use of as a user by our decision, you may want to shut off the access. But we does not take any responsibility for damages to the user or third party.
    1. If there is misconduct of unauthorized access, etc.
    2. If you interfere with the operation of the service
    3. Harassment and spam act and, if there is a prohibited activity
    4. Other, if the Company determines that it is inappropriate
  5. Rules about the services we are posted on the web site, various terms shall constitute a part of this Agreement.

Registration information

  1. Those who wish to use the this service, please agree to comply with the Terms.
  2. Providing a certain amount of information that the Company shall specify in a way that we set it is assumed that can use registration application of this service.
  3. Always of the registration application, performed by the individual or corporation itself to use this service, principle agent registration application will not be accepted. At the time of the application for registration is the principle that you enter not false. If the falsehood was observed, there is the case of the ban of the service on the basis of Article 1 Section 3.
  4. The Company will determine the registration propriety of who wish to participate in accordance with our standards. If we admit the registration will notify the applicant. registration as a registered user of the registration applicant by this notification will be complete.

Change of registration information

  1. Users without delay if there is a change in the registration information, in the manner prescribed by the Company to notify the change matters to the Company, and shall submit the requested documents from the Company if necessary./li>
  2. Users have to manage the password and user ID at your own risk. You can't shall be stored, use it to a third party, then the loan, transfer, change of name, trading.
  3. Users will only be able to retain the principle one of the main account per person./li>
  4. User name and password will prohibit to transfer, to lend.
  5. User ID, if it has been found that the password is being used by a third party or stolen, immediately notifies to that effect to the Company, and shall be in accordance with the instructions from the Company.
  6. User ID, please contact us immediately to the Company if the password is leaked to a third party, or were utilized. You should be noted that, if an unauthorized user ID and password of the user of the act as a cause has been used, can not be held at all the Company. We can not have responsible for the loss or damage, multiple.
  7. If the Company is determined to be necessary, the user ID for a particular registered users, cancel the password, you may want to prohibit the use of the service.

Privacy Policy

  1. We will get the information that is required in providing this service from user.
  2. Users agree to be disclosed to any third party is for the portion set to "public" about their personal information, and that the personal information, such as position information in the user's settings are exposed It will be.
  3. The Company, with a public profile, will not assume any responsibility for the damage caused to the user.
  4. In addition, please refer to the separate privacy policy for more information about the way of thinking for our privacy.

The responsibility of the user

  1. When the Company through this service makes a contact to user, to contact with registered e-mail address of the e-mail or SMS, a means such as a push notification. User, please properly maintain the registered e-mail address information so that you can receive e-mail from our company. For disadvantage of registered users has suffered because it has not received an e-mail for some reason, it is assumed that there is a responsibility to yourself. The Company assumes no responsibility.
  2. It may also call as needed. If the person who is information that registered users have been disclosed is subject to nuisance caused has appeared, the user must be resolved in its own responsibility and expense, the Company assumes no responsibility.

Tethering share method

  1. Users can receive offer tethering to a third party, or the offer.
  2. Only if the user has allowed the position information, to share the position information to registered users all in accordance with the set, you can take a share partner and contact for tethering.
  3. If you do the tethering, you need to share the tethering password has been set in the user's terminal.
  4. Tethering password before you share the tethering, so we become a thing that can be immediately changed by the user of the terminal, for example after you share the tethering, password management, please be done under the full responsibility of the user.
  5. Data communication amount of the user's contract terminal will be consumed by tethering share. Consumption by the method of using the share user of tethering is different, but our company is not responsible for any related to consumption.

Obligation of Tethering Share

  1. Users are subject to the instructions of the tethering share partner, you shall receive in good faith the service.
  2. Use user agrees in advance that the registration information and the like necessary for tethering provider to provide the service is provided, and shall not to mention all of the objections.
  3. The user need answer when we need the service report.
  4. After tethering share both of the tethering providers and the user must write an evaluation of the share partner.

Membership Profile

  1. The user shall be able to create a public information.
  2. Text and photos can to update, edit, deleted at your profile page of dedicate.
  3. The Company can the profile of changed or deleted if there is a legitimate reason.
  4. It can perform user without permission, the following processes of free. User shall have agreed in advance to this.
    1. Examination of the contents of such profile
    2. Editing, deletion, performing the modification,of the contents of such profile
    3. Modifying the content of such profile, and edit, to be posted on this service
    4. If other processing by the Company is determined to be necessary
  5. Such as the profile that the user posted on this service is limited to the profile that the user himself has all copyrights and other intellectual property rights. Shall not be published are those corresponding to the following content
    1. Copyright, trademark rights, privacy rights, portrait rights, violate the rights of a third party, the fear content
    2. For privacy of others
    3. The name of another person, phone number, e-mail address, etc, specific personally identifiable information
    4. A particular individual, company, corporation, organization, slander against region, inappropriate expression, such as hate speech
    5. Public order, contrary to the laws and regulations, or are likely content
    6. Contrary to the theme and purpose of this service, or content with the fear
    7. Others, If those inappropriate content to this service, the Company and is a representation was judged
  6. To that the user is in violation of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the Company, other users, other rights holders, if you have a problem occurs between the, please clear to the trouble at their own expense and responsibility. You shouldn't to trouble to our company.
  7. The user will have full responsibility for the contents of such profiles and third party profile. In addition, you shall not take the actions listed below.
    1. You don't write description of the no content related with this service
    2. Posting the content and false content contrary to fact
    3. You shouldn't to make a profile of the same content
    4. To me for a complaint about the service of the content and function Others.
    5. if we determined that you are inappropriate.
  8. Our company, such as the user violates the provisions of the preceding item, when it is determined that carried out the post or posting inappropriate content, you issued a stop using the instruction of me stop and services. We shall not be liable for any damage.


  1. Users, without the permission of the copyright holder, also for the information or files that are provided through this service in any way, beyond the scope of private use as a user's personal to the provisions of copyright law, can not be used.
  2. In the preceding paragraph, the problem of the right holders and other user-generated, and attempt to resolve the the trouble at its own expense and responsibility, and shall not apply at all to us.

Discontinuation of service or interruption

  1. The Company, the following cases, change the whole or part of the operation of this service at our discretion, cancel, we can interrupt.
    1. Natural disaster, incident, if there is a risk that other emergency occurs, or occur
    2. Computer, if the communication line or the like stop
    3. Trouble in cooperation service, interrupted or stopped the service provided, cooperation stop with this service, if the specification changes, has occurred
    4. If the Company and the problem occurred in the registration content for any reason it can be determined

Reward of Tethering Share

  1. The compensation to be paid to the user that the Company has performed a tethering share (work) means the amount of money, including the consumption tax equivalent.
  2. The user, if the reward has occurred, and shall be able to receive payment in accordance with the procedure. To the remuneration shall interest does not occur. Expenses necessary for other payments, including the transfer fee will be the user's burden.
  3. Payment amount to the user is from 30 $ or more.
  4. If you do not meet the minimum payment amount, it will be carried over to the next month.
  5. And it shall be credited by summing the following month's remuneration. Part of the remuneration by the user's intention, or you will not be able to change all of the payment period.

Prohibited matter

  1. Users upon tethering share, and will need to comply with the guidelines that the Company is separately determined. This is also true for any of the host that provides the user, and tethering to receive the provision of tethering.
  2. If it is determined to be in violation of prohibition by our shall be able to delete the user ID. The damage caused to the user shall not bear any responsibility.
  3. If applicable to the contents listed below, the Company shall be able to edit or delete the free user ID.
    1. Crime notice, teaching, etc. of crime, which can cause criminal behavior, acts contrary to other public order, morals
    2. Use the act for the purpose and the different purposes of this service
    3. The purpose of solicitation to another for-profit and religious
    4. Such as to interfere with human rights and other rights as other personal act
    5. False per all or part of the information that has been provided to us, if there was a clerical error or omission
    6. If the evaluation is not, significantly worse, improvement of evaluation, and if the claim is often
    7. Other users or our copyright, property rights, privacy or the act of prejudice to any other rights
    8. The use of this service for the purpose of the opposite sex dating
    9. Regardless of whether it is during the election period, election campaign or similar act this
    10. Race, gender, social status, residence location, physical features, feelings, history, education, property, discriminatory representation act of the basis of the income, etc.
    11. Harassment, slander, mentally on our or other users, economic, actions that may give the physical damage
    12. Any other activities that the Company deems inappropriate
  4. The ban under the preceding matters have been made if the Company has determined, and shall be able to remove some or all of the users on the basis of this section.
  5. Users have to get the consent of us, if provides a tethering to the user. If there is a report from the user, we can delete a user ID. And we may want to provide information to government agencies.

Loss of user credentials

If you have lost your status, you will lose rewards, redemption rights, the code usage rights. Also we can not be obtained claims to the loss of your position.

Storage of Information

If the user of messages and other information stored for a period of time,but we don't have the obligation to save. And can remove these information at any time. We assume no responsibility created thereby.

Rights of Ownership

Ownership rights and intellectual property rights in the services and our site is all the Company have. License of this service under the Terms, does not mean the company's licensing of intellectual property rights related to our site or the services. Users should not infringe on the intellectual property rights in our sites and services act.


  1. The user, in use the period of service, you can unsubscribe at any time terminate the use contract.
  2. If you unsubscribe, remuneration and code, you will lose all the property in our company.
  3. For any damages that occurred occurred in the withdrawal, we will not assume any responsibility.
  4. We have one year the personal information and content information of the user who unsubscribe, and shall be held by our management.
  5. After the withdrawal does not have to send a contact from our company. If the trouble of users has occurred, there is a case to make the call, SMS, e-mail in touch with means.

Registration Cancellation, etc.

  1. The Company, the user if applicable to Article 12 of the prohibitions, advance notice or notification without having to temporarily stop or freeze the use of the service for the registered members, shall perform the deletion of the account . Then, lose the benefit course of time in relation to all of the debt owed to the Company, you must make the payment of the to the Company immediately. Our company, for damages caused by the act made by the Company on the basis of this provision, does not take any responsibility.


  1. Although our company is working hard your privacy and confidentiality, also enough that the user is on the characteristics of also this service in the information you want in secret in order to use this service, information that would have been published, regardless of the user's intention understand. Understand the characteristics of the service shall be utilized in understanding the characteristics of the service.

Changes of the Terms

  1. We can change the terms and conditions of this service.
  2. You change the terms and conditions of this service and shall notify the changes to the user, when the continued use of the Service after the notification, you agree to the change of the Terms.

Contact / Notification

  1. Notifications about changes to this Agreement, contact from the other company to the user, or call of notification and SMS (Short Mail), push notification, it is assumed that the e-mail carried out by a method prescribed by the Company as a basic.
  2. With respect to the contents that are displayed in this service, if there is an invasion of privacy, defamation, etc. problem, if the query is necessary for the other company, please contact us.

Contact Us

Terms, any questions about the application, please contact the wamoeba.

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